It shouldn't have to be like this.
It shouldn't have to be like this.


"A selection of quality internships abroad, only from equal opportunity employers"

Why we chose this purpose

The Internship Guide was founded on the belief that students deserve quality internships.

Students have for years been asked to pay an application fee in order to get access to apply to internship posts. 

The Internship Guide meets this challenge.

The Internship Guide help talented students around the world to find inspiration where to begin their search for a quality internship abroad completely free of charge and no need to sign up an account*. We help cultural chameleons to accelerate their search for an internship abroad.

Why companies should support this website

An internship abroad is an opportunity for students to develop their personality, skills and to enhance their abilities to kick-start an international career.

By posting on The Internship Guide, your company is supporting that talented students should be offered on equal opportunity conditions equal opportunity employer / as long as the applicant has relevant experience/education and a valid work visa and passport)

*The Internship Guide is free to use and will always be free to use as long as you turn off your adblocker